Our Approach

Our Approach

A number of companies are now opting for outsource development and maintenance of large and complex software solutions, as this model not just helps them to reduce the cost of software development, but also frees them from the hassles and expenses of hastily obtaining a permanent resource, or training their own workforce to perform new tasks and develop new skill sets.

Outsourcing can also prove to be a tremendous challenge, particularly when going offshore; with different language barriers, aesthetic differences and cultural variances, to name a few, potentially cumbersome hurdles to overcome. Offshoring can create frustration and very costly delays or interruptions in the development process.

When you opt for development with Divsimplify, you have the ability to get the best of all worlds. We can perform every task with internal programmers here in the United States; we can offshore your project to one of our teams overseas; or we can do a little bit of both. In the initial stages of the project, one of our Lead Programmers will interact with you and understand the requirements of your project and help determine what will be the most cost-effective, and time sensitive method to reach the desired results.

Once the project starts, you will be in direct contact with the Project Leader. This leader, located in the United States, will work very closely with you on your project, and you can easily communicate with them using phone, chat, mail, teleconference, or web conference.

We will occasionally advocate the use of offshore development projects to customers who have clearly defined requirements and whose projects are already thoroughly planned. For offshore development, it is imperative that the client knows what they want from the project, and must clearly spell out the requirements and expectations. Once a clear picture can be formed of the project and expectations, the development process can begin, and effectively managed offshore for a speedy, cost-effective result.

Companies with long-term projects, or with a string of related projects, or well-defined short-term projects can get fantastic cost-benefits by partnering with us for development. Companies without the clarity or definition of the project at hand can rely on a seasoned, competent professional to help guide them through the research and planning stages to ensure they have an understanding of cost-benefit analysis for their project requirements and desires.


Devsimplify solutions are composed of six distinct phases listed below:

  • Project conception
  • Conceptual modeling
  • Logical and Physical data modeling
  • Application development
  • System and acceptance testing
  • Deployment

Our methods allow for consistent and dependable results without the rigidity to handle your project with the unique characteristics it will most certainly contain. Devsimplify makes complicated problems easy to handle. Contact us today and find out how.

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