Mobile Development Is A Necessity

Mobile Development Is A Necessity

Mobile Development Is A Necessity

The world of technology changes very quickly and with the creation of new and emerging technology, existing technology needs to adapt in order to survive. With the emergence of smarter, faster, and more intuitive mobile devices the way people interact with data and communicate with companies and brands has evolved. This holds true when it comes to websites and other similar software applications that people need to access from a variety of devices. When mobile devices first became popular there was no solution to making your website look any different when viewed on such a device, and users were forced to zoom in to make content readable. This was only a temporary problem as mobile and responsive websites quickly emerged, and are now the standard.

Responsive Website Design

Any website being launched on the internet today needs to either have responsive design or a mobile version in order to display properly on all desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. In addition to an excellent user experience, having a mobile or responsive website is now targeted as a valued element by major search engines like Google.

If your online presence is an important part of your business model, then being found in organic search results is equally important. There are numerous factors that the algorithms of major search engines take into account when deciding which websites to list at the top of their search results, and having a mobile-friendly website is one of them. With such a competitive online landscape it’s important to your success to do everything possible to be found online, which includes ensuring your website is responsive.

At Dev Simplify we build websites that have properly built mobile or responsive functionality, and for your customized software solutions we work with you to understand how it will be used, and if mobile functionality is necessary.

Mobile User Experience

Simply creating a mobile version of your website might be good enough for some companies, but at Dev Simplify we go even further to ensure a great mobile experience. We take load times, navigation, image size, contact elements, and all other functionality into account when creating your responsive or mobile website. For us, building you a mobile website isn’t just an afterthought, it’s part of our plan from the beginning.

Mobile Ecommerce

If ecommerce is an important part of your online business model and your website isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly then you could be missing out on a big piece of the pie. At Dev Simplify we’ve work with lots of businesses that need both ecommerce and mobile functionality, so we know which solutions work best to ensure your customers can easily navigate your mobile site and easily make purchasing decisions.

While it’s not easy to predict what the next technological necessity for web development will be, we know that mobile and responsive functionality is. Whether you have an existing site that needs to be made responsive, or we’re starting from scratch with a new mobile-friendly website solution, you can count on the design and development team at Dev Simplify to create a properly functioning and great looking solution.

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