Dev Simplified is a software development company located in Utah. We specialize in helping businesses establish or improve their online presence with beautifully functioning websites and key targeted software applications that work.

We have professionally developed software since 1998. Our project managers use Verification and Validation activities continually throughout the development process to assure the software is consistent with our client's requirements. We work effectively with large systems and software environments.


The internet is the primary source of information for people seeking goods and services and the reason is quite simple: The world now connects online. Businesses realize the infinite opportunities the World Wide Web presents – it's not only a place to connect with customers around the globe, it's the place to sell.

Because of the fierce competition online businesses face, we know an easy, accessible, and well-designed website is key to attracting and securing traffic. At Dev Simplify we create and implement designs tastefully tailored to you and your brand. Our targeted designs draw customers in and make them want to read and see more.

We stay connected with you throughout the entire website building process to ensure our designs meet your expectations.


Dev Simplified uses responsive web design to create websites that work no matter what size screen or web browsing platform your customers use. One URL is responsive to any size screen without the annoyance of being redirected.

We believe it's important to build a website around mobile platforms, rather than trying to include it as an afterthought. This ensures mobile applications are not compromised and maintain an active role in the success of your business web presence.

Navigation, content, images, and load-times are some key points we consider for your guest's level of enjoyment when they visit your site using a mobile device. Whether they use a touchscreen or other technology, we ensure the highest level of accessibility and ease.


A properly designed ecommerce store can help you get an advantage in the market. While it is easy to develop an ecommerce site, it is very difficult to develop an ecommerce store that attracts the users and persuades them to spend money. You can buy a number of readymade ecommerce software and solutions, but such "off the shelf" solutions are rarelydesigned to fulfill your specific business needs.

Divsimplify offers tailored and customer-centric ecommerce solutions; customized to you and your business. We will understand your business model, and how you intend to use the Internet to sell your goods or services, and on the basis of this information, we design and develop ecommerce stores that maximize your online sales. Our developers and designers combine numerous ecommerce elements like payment gateway solutions, shopping cart solutions, and content management solutions to build a complete ecommerce store that is optimized for you.

Different products and services must be sold in different ways. Additionally, different traffic sources will behave and respond differently from one another. Let Devsimplify take the guesswork out of the details for you so you can focus on what you do while capitalizing on years of experience and expertise to maximize the user experience for your customers to create you the greatest return on your efforts.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) often describes a broad set of applications that assist companies in running efficiently and effectively by helping them do everything from track orders to purchasing parts to provide customer service. In the late 1990's, ERP projects received a bad reputation because many of them were extremely costly were not well thought out. One well-known company spent over $100 million on its ERP project only to have such severe problems with the software that revenues fell by almost 20% in one quarter. Thankfully, the ideas behind ERP projects have changed and developers have learned enough from the mistakes of others to have vastly improved the way these systems are implemented today.

One of the biggest mistakes companies made with their ERP projects in the past was over-customization. Instead of finding a model that worked for a particular industry and applying that model of best practices to other companies in that industry, ERP developers wanted to often work from scratch and come up with a company-specific ERP system. While specialization is often an excellent idea in business, over-customization simply made it more likely that mistakes would be made in the finished product.

Devsimplify programmers and management have been creating solutions for a wide range of different companies for many, many years. Chances are, this is the first time you may have considered software to solve a particular problem, or allow for greater growth (with reduced costs) and the prospect of such a task may seem overwhelming. Let our collective experience and knowledge save you some real hassle and headache!


SEO is one of the most effective and important online marketing strategies. Using searched optimized key words and phrases, SEO can increase traffic to your site and higher rankings in internet searches across all web browsers.

At Dev Simplified, we focus not only on keywords in the URL, but also give detailed attention to the content on sites pages and strategically placed keywords in the file codes. In a nutshell, we make sure your business is ranked and visible.


In the early days of computer development, there was no such thing as a college degree in IT. Software development and computer programming were best left to the computer scientists and mathematical engineers, due to their complicated nature. As time passed and technology advanced, such as with the advent of the personal computer in the 1980s and its everyday use in the home and the workplace, the world moved into the information age.

By the early 21st century, nearly every child in the Western world, and many in other parts of the world, knew how to use a personal computer. Businesses' information technology departments have gone from using storage tapes created by a single computer operator to interconnected networks of employee workstations that store information in a server farm, often somewhere away from the main business site. Communication has advanced, from physical postal mail, to telephone fax transmissions, to nearly instantaneous digital communication through electronic mail (email).

Sometimes the prospect of growing your business online becomes overwhelming when considering the upkeep and maintenance of such systems, that always seem to be evolving and changing at such a rapid pace.

At Devsimplify we understand this and are able to ensure that your data is safe and secure, and that you can focus on running your business, by providing ongoing systems support and other IT solutions.

Whether you have confidential data and need PCI compliance and rigorous firewalls, encryption and security, or a high-traffic site that needs load balancing and uptime assurance or just help setting up a new email address – having your own IT team at Devsimplify makes life easy so you can focus on your business.

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